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How often do we stand in the middle of a furniture store, completely at a loss, listen to the seller’s magnetic twitter, helplessly touch the upholstery of an inconceivably expensive…

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We select bathroom furniture together!
The process of choosing furniture and accessories for the bathroom is a rather complicated and responsible task. This is explained by the specific features of this room. Complexity is dictated…

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The bedroom is useful advice.
The bedroom is a "sacred" place in the apartment, where strangers are not allowed in. You can learn a lot about the person from the decor of this room. There…

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Kitchen worktops – features of choice

Tops of modern kitchen are the facade of the kitchen set, the apron of the working area and the countertop. It is these three whales that create the overall concept of the kitchen interior. But if the choice of the first two is dictated in the first place by their aesthetic component, and only in the second by the functional, then the countertop is a strict symbiosis of the two principles. It would seem that aesthetics are secondary in comparison with its operational characteristics. However, the mood of the person preparing the food is extremely important. And in order to ensure a good mood for the cook, the aesthetic component of his workplace is very significant. Therefore, the kitchen worktop must be beautiful.

What is the functionality of countertops?
The worktop is a monolithic or several-piece cooker mounted on kitchen cabinets. Its thickness depends on the material of manufacture and ranges from 2 to 7 cm. Typically, a countertop consists of a base (most often plywood) and cladding. Plastic countertops, which were very popular some time ago, showed themselves not on the best side – they turned out to be extremely short-lived. Now, thanks to the development of innovative technologies in the furniture market, a significant list of materials for the manufacture of countertops for kitchen sets is offered: Continue reading

Table selection for the kitchen. Interior Designer Tips

Choosing a table for the kitchen is not as an unambiguous task as it seems initially. Its functions may vary depending on whether there is a dining room in the house / apartment, what size of the dining room is, how large the working surface of the kitchen unit is. It is advisable to consider two diverse options that dictate our realities:

apartments in high-rise buildings of an old building with rooms of minimal area and a kitchen of 2.5 – 3 square meters, where a living room is used for receiving guests;
modern houses / apartments with a large-scale kitchen, often combined with a dining room. Due to the sufficient surface area, the kitchen table is used exclusively as a dining table. Continue reading

How to choose fabric on the sofa?

There are many upholstery fabrics used to decorate sofas. Among them, you can always find a material that will suit the customer in terms of price and quality. At the same time, for starters, it makes sense to decide for what purpose it is intended, and in which room the sofa will stand, because it will depend on this exactly what operational parameters the sofa upholstery should have. What fabric to choose for the sofa? The main properties of any fabric are breathability, ability to absorb moisture (hygroscopicity), susceptibility to abrasion, degree of safety for health, ease of care. Knowing the characteristic properties of a particular material will give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable of them. Today, customers of upholstered furniture have the opportunity to choose upholstery sofas from a wide range of natural, synthetic and combination fabrics, each of which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading

A small bedroom.

Unfortunately, in our country, quite a few families are familiar with the problem of small-sized residential premises. But fortunately there are a number of design techniques that you can use to visually increase the space. It should immediately be noted that there are several contentious issues in which experts have not come to a consensus. We will highlight them separately. Initially, we note unconditional points.

The color of the walls. In a small room, only light colors are allowed. Warm shades fill it with comfort, but at the same time “narrow” the space. The cold ones saturate the room with light and visually expand it, making, however, more official. Will it be decorative plastering, painting or wallpapering – it does not matter. The main thing is the choice of color. If at the same time one wall (best of all the one at which the head of the bed is located) has a different color – more saturated and deep – this will give additional space to the room. It must be remembered that a vertical drawing “lengthens” the room, making it narrower, horizontal, on the contrary, expands and visually lowers the ceiling. The use of wallpaper with a large pattern is strictly contraindicated – they emphasize the insignificant scale of the room. Continue reading

How to choose a sofa for a child?

If the children’s room is small in size or the house does not have a separate room for the child, the sofa can be an excellent option for organizing a resting place for younger family members. Sofas for children and adolescents are compact, easy to care for and use, durable, durable and safe for health, the main thing is to choose the right model and contact a trusted manufacturer. For what age children are sofas designed? Undoubtedly, for the youngest children, the best option for a bed is a bed in which the baby is comfortable and safe. It’s worth thinking about buying a sofa after a child turns 3-4 years old, when he is ready to live in his own room and will be able to personally take part in the selection of furniture. For each age, there are the most suitable models: 3-6 years. There is no special need to buy a folding sofa for a preschooler, because he will not be able to cope with a complex mechanism on his own. High security level comes to the fore here. That is why for the smallest, a sofa that does not have sharp corners, hard surfaces, equipped with soft sides is perfect. An excellent option would be a couch or couch. 6-12 years old. For younger students, it is already possible to choose a sofa with a simple transformation mechanism, for example, a roll-out or a dolphin. Roll-out sofas are very convenient, which can be laid out on 2/3 of the length. Today, manufacturers offer a wide selection of sofas in the form of soft toys that children really like and Continue reading

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