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We select bathroom furniture together!

The process of choosing furniture and accessories for the bathroom is a rather complicated and responsible task. This is explained by the specific features of this room. Complexity is dictated by two significant points:
a sufficiently small room should be as convenient and functional as possible;
the increased humidity that characterizes the bathrooms dictates the specific requirements for furniture and accessories.

Fundamental tip when choosing bathroom furniture: purchase highly targeted furniture designed exclusively for bathrooms. This is explained by the fact that during its manufacture protection is provided against the influence of a specific adverse environment – high humidity, coupled with high temperature and fumes of various detergents.

What should I look for when choosing bathroom furniture?

The purchase of furniture for a bathroom is usually started after all the plumbing fixtures have already been installed, the general design concept of the room has already been developed and partially implemented by the plumbing. As for the design decision of the furniture itself, it does not radically differ regardless of the manufacturer. This is explained primarily by the specifics of the room and its narrow functional orientation. Therefore, when buying, first of all, you need to pay attention to the operational characteristics of the material of manufacture and the tactical and pragmatic characteristics of the product itself – the structural solution, the reliability of the mechanisms, the quality of the external and internal coatings. Only after you determine the degree of reliability of the furniture for the bathroom of a particular manufacturer can you start choosing the products of the desired model and color range.

Overview of the most popular materials.

Tree. For some styles, it would seem indispensable material. Especially ideal in terms of environmental friendliness. However, wood in conditions of high humidity and temperature changes quickly warps, deforms and delaminates. Therefore, wooden furniture can only be used in very large rooms with excellent ventilation. Alas, most of the bathrooms of our fellow citizens do not meet these characteristics.

Particleboard and MDF. Most often, bathroom furniture is made of these materials. To enhance operational characteristics, all its elements are covered with a special protective coating, which ensures high water resistance of products.

Plastic. This is a cheap and lightweight material, not afraid of moisture, easily taking any form. Due to these characteristics, plastic products are easy to manufacture, which ensures their cheapness. Another advantage of this material is its huge color palette. However, the reliability, durability and strength of plastic products are very low. Therefore, various bathroom accessories are most often made from it, and much less often, full-fledged furniture.

Metal and glass. These materials are ideal for their performance. However, a significant limitation is the high price of tempered glass and metal products. In addition, furniture made of these materials is characterized by a very peculiar style, which not everyone likes.

Here are the general characteristics of the materials used. The choice is yours.

Coating characteristics

An important aspect affecting the quality of bathroom furniture is the surface coating.

It could be:
acrylic sheet

Enamel, like varnish, is resistant to abrasion, is a reliable and durable protection for furniture. It is characterized by a large color range, allowing you to create certain patterns. Fairly affordable.

Veneer is a thin wooden sheet used to cover furniture. Varnished veneer is quite moisture resistant, which is why it is widely used to cover bathroom furniture. If such furniture meets your aspirations, pay attention to the joints when buying – they should be well crafted.

The acrylic sheet used for facing furniture gives it sophistication at a budget price for the product. However, its serious drawback is the ease of scratching the surface. When buying, you need to pay attention to the joints that should be treated with varnish or liquid acrylic, which turns them into a solid and smooth surface.

Self-adhesive film is the cheapest and low-quality coating. Due to the rich color palette, furniture covered with a film looks very attractive, but under the influence of moisture the film will peel off very soon. Therefore, the desire to save money when buying bathroom furniture will result in the failure of furniture products and the loss of money.

The easiest way to evaluate quality and reliability.

When choosing furniture for the bathroom, first of all, pay attention to the mechanisms and fixtures used. Initially, you need to check the holes and recesses for them. You need to make sure that they are made before applying protective equipment to the furniture. If moisture protection does not…

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