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Set up a small office

Not every company can afford a large and spacious office, many have to be content with a small room. But this does not mean that it is impossible to equip comfortable conditions for employees. If you correctly approach this issue, then you can make stylish and practical even the smallest office space.

For the arrangement of a small space, the most acceptable option is to make furniture to order. You can, of course, make an attempt to purchase serial furniture, but it is doomed to fail.

In order to choose comfortable furniture for a small office, you should use a few recommendations.

Of course, arrangements for a large space and a small one have a lot of differences, but several common ones can be found.

Both large and small should be divided into zones:

Reception, where negotiations and meetings with partners take place;
The working area where the staff is located;
Area for negotiations and meetings;
Cabinet management;
And, of course, there is no way to do without a recreation area
office furniture But a small office has its own peculiarities of dividing into zones. Here, in contrast to the large one, there is no way to allocate separate rooms, so the separation looks very arbitrary and is done using furniture.

The selection of office furniture is an important issue, and it should be approached with special attention, because you need to not only comfortably place employees’ workplaces, but also make sure that the office is not oversaturated with furniture and does not create the feeling of a crowded beehive.

Should abandon the overall decor items in the interior. give preference to light, light shades, as they will visually expand the interior, unload it. The issue of the functionality of office furniture comes to the fore. It should not take up much space, but in terms of its functionality, it could perform several useful functions. Furniture transformers will be relevant, for example, for a meeting room, a table that has pull-out elements is indispensable.
To increase the functionality of a small office, you should use the reception of combined spaces, or the use of one room for several purposes. The rest area is usually combined with a kitchen or a waiting area. For negotiations, it is possible not to allocate a separate room, it is enough to place a transforming table in the working room, and separate it with furniture, for example, shelving or office cabinets or other mobile partitions.

Office desk is the most important element for work
This furniture really plays a huge role in the workflow. When choosing a table, you need to consider what type of work will be performed. For a small office, you need to choose the most ergonomic models of tables that will not take up too much space, and will give you the opportunity to work in comfort.

If you need only a computer or laptop to work, then the compact office desk is the best choice. If you also have to work with documents, then a corner table or a table with add-ons will be a good option.

Corner tables are a great option for a small office. They will allow the most efficient use of space in the room, while taking up less space. So when arranging a small office space, you should have several corner tables.

Mobile cabinets with many drawers are very useful. They can store documents and other office stuff, and if necessary, move it to any convenient place. For office equipment and equipment, it is better to use low pedestals with open shelves or drawers, which are useful as additional storage systems.

Office mobile partitions – an indispensable thing in a smart office
office furnitureMobile partitions are a must have for a small office space, because they allow you to separate a workplace for each employee. Partitions can be equipped with shelves, boxes or cabinets, and this will allow even more efficient use of office space, as well as increase the efficiency of the workplace.

In a small office, you can use cabinets as partitions. The cabinet should be tall but compact. Capacity is achieved just due to height, it should be about two meters. Of course, this will “complicate the life” for employees of short stature, but such cabinets will be as practical as possible.

As partitions, you can also use racks or the so-called smart boxes, that is, cubes of the same size, which can be arranged in different ways.

Nowhere without a rest area
As Richard Branson, familiar to many, said: “In order to work productively, you need to rest at least productively.” Therefore, in every, even small, office should be a relaxation area. Massive sofas in a small office are bad manners, so it is better to give preference to small tables and chairs or frameless furniture. A bag chair will not take up much space, it can be moved anywhere, and to rest on it no worse than on a large sofa.



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