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Oriental style kitchen

This style is mainly associated with the Arab world, which is full of mysteries, secrets and legends. Nowadays, many abandon the familiar European style, in favor of the unusual oriental.

Oriental-style cuisineArabs are a very religious people, therefore religion has its mark in the arrangement of the interior. For example, people and animals are never portrayed in Arabic cuisine, as this prohibits the Quran.

Oriental-style kitchens are basically a luxury: carved furniture, gilding, expensive fabrics.
Following the style, instead of the usual dining table, you can set the table on low legs and lay pillows around it, but this is for those who are completely imbued with Arabic culture.

The colors in which the oriental cuisine will be decorated may be different, but “in a classic way”, the Arabic-style cuisine should be in a golden palette.

Popular among oriental styles is the Moroccan style of interior design. He combined the style of the Mediterranean and Arabic. He also retained a touch of luxury, but the color palette “succumbed to the influence” of the Mediterranean: shades of terracotta, blue and white.

Moroccan-style kitchen furniture is also more pragmatic and simple, there is no abundance of expensive materials and decor. This style is a kind of compromise between the Arabic style and the Mediterranean.

French style cuisine

The French interior is mainly associated with the Provence style, which has a lot of fans around the world. He conquers with his sophistication and romantic naivety. For those who live in a big city, and decided to equip their kitchen in the Provence style, it will be a breath of fresh air that will give strength and inspiration.
French Provence:
Calm, warm colors in colors. The most characteristic are muted shades: lavender, turquoise, yellow;
Aged furniture. It can be either old, restored furniture, or new, with the effect of antiquity. It is made of natural wood and can have both dark and light colors;
The main thing in the Provence style is the presence of open shelves on which beautiful dishes will be placed;
The use of natural materials for furniture and decoration;
Lighting. Care should be taken to ensure that the kitchen is well lit: the windows are not too thick curtains, and a sufficient amount of artificial light;
Kitchen appliances must be built-in, and modern kitchen gadgets hidden

For decoration, you can use a large number of various trinkets: wicker baskets, vases with dried flowers and china.

English style kitchen
Among European styles, it is worth paying special attention to the English style, which combines conservatism, aristocracy, functionality and comfort. At the present stage, it is a compromise between modern technology and cuisine in the English British style.

Kitchens in the English style can be described as follows:

The use of natural materials, furniture is characterized by patination and artificial aging, a large amount of light and many decorative elements;
Speaking of furniture, it should be practical and respectable in English:
Made of wood, or its quality substitute, for example, from MDF;
Facades should be with panels or with glass inserts;
The kitchen set must necessarily include open shelves, on which beautiful dishes will be displayed;
Quality fittings

The dining area in the English kitchen should be large and spacious, the table and chairs should correspond to the general concept and color scheme of the kitchen.

For a kitchen in this style, you can use both modern household appliances and “antique” appliances.
The English style will look great both in a city apartment and in a country house.

Japanese style cuisine

The Japanese style in the interior of the kitchen is now experiencing the peak of its popularity. The fact is that it is ideal for small spaces. Namely, this is the problem that most owners of urban apartments face.

The Japanese have long lived in small apartments and houses, constantly inventing methods of how to make life more comfortable. Their many years of experience will help you to equip your small kitchen. At the same time, do it stylishly, in the best traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Japanese style is based on three principles: functionality, natural materials and a minimum of details.
If we talk about furniture, then one should be:

Lightweight and maximally functional;
Preference should be given to light modular furniture;
The Japanese style is characterized by the use of unpainted wood;
Kitchen cabinets and cabinets should be matte, without unnecessary details. best when there are no external handles on the doors and drawers

There should be a lot of light in Japanese cuisine, so in addition to the chandelier and fixtures built into the headset, you can place several spots around the perimeter.

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