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Interesting about wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes have long flooded houses and apartments and fell in love with many of them with their practicality and functionality. Moreover, this furniture is an excellent decoration of the interior. Due to its versatility, this furniture fits perfectly into almost any of the currently popular design styles. Putting all these facts together and adding an affordable price to them, we get almost perfect furniture.

Surely many who already have a sliding wardrobe in their house will find it interesting to find out some interesting facts about this furniture. It is about this that the story will go in this article.

The idea of ​​inventing a wardrobe

The Americans are perhaps the most practical nation, which, in order to not commit any extra actions, are ready for a lot, even for the invention of furniture. It was they who invented the closet. On a sunny, California day, one inventor decided to modify his closet, and instead of swinging doors, he installed sliding doors. It was convenient and practical. And from this moment on, the wardrobe began to develop and gain its popularity.

In our country, this furniture has gained popularity not because it is fashionable and stylish, but primarily because it is great for our apartments. Let’s remember a typical Ukrainian apartment – narrow corridors, small rooms. If you install a conventional cabinet, distinguished by its large dimensions, and even open the doors, then you can’t get through the room, the cabinet completely “dominates” here. Sliding wardrobes are deprived of this drawback, and have the advantage of sliding doors, the main advantage of this furniture.

Features of wardrobes

The main feature is that this furniture is very, very rarely bought in finished form, it is mainly ordered purely for a specific apartment or building. This allows you to make furniture that will be in perfect harmony with the interior and will ideally fit in the size to the place where you want to install it.

The fact that the closet is ordered according to your wishes will allow you to create the most practical internal device: if you need a lot of space for outerwear – please, special shelves for accessories are needed – no problem!

What will be the wardrobe – it’s up to you!

Ways to reduce the cost of a wardrobe

The sliding wardrobe can be installed in niches, corners and piers in your house. It is mounted directly to the ceiling, walls and floor of the house. There is a sure way to reduce the cost of the cabinet:

It is not necessary to order a complete cabinet design, because instead of the back wall of the cabinet you can use the wall to which the furniture is attached, and use the ceiling instead of the top;
The cabinet is often built into niches, and it is more practical to use walls, instead of an additional false wall. It is convenient and cheaper.
These methods will help not only reduce the cost of the wardrobe, but also make it more functional.

Ten years ago, when most people had not yet had time to evaluate all the advantages of this furniture, wardrobes were considered luxury. Today, there is a peculiar division into classes: there is a “premium”, but there are more affordable ones.

The division into classes depends on the materials used in the manufacture.

Cabinets that have a steel profile are cheaper, and cabinets with an aluminum profile are more expensive. Also, the cost depends on the veneer with which the furniture is finished, if the veneer is natural, accordingly it will cost more.

Also, the price will depend on the materials used to decorate the sliding doors, it can be: glass, mirror panels, sandblasted panels, panels with photo printing, with which you can apply absolutely any pattern to the sliding doors of the sliding wardrobe.

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