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19 facts about beds.

Beds are an indispensable furniture element in every home, and they are also the most “adored” piece of furniture. She is recognized in love more often than the most spectacular beauties of the world.

It turns out that the bed is not only a simple interior item, it is a very interesting object, which can be talked about a lot. Also, the bed can be used as an element for manipulating the space in the room, helping to save a lot of space, such tricks can be found here.

That’s why we tried, and collected for you several surprising and for many unknown facts about this furniture.

Some facts are astounding, and some cause unstoppable laughter, and some make you rethink seemingly mundane things.

So, let’s find out what interesting facts an ordinary bed can boast of.

Beds: interesting facts.

We were able to collect 19 facts from around the world that are not alike, and are absolutely true.

The well-known French king Louis XIV was distinguished by his great love for beds; he put together a huge collection of this furniture. In total, he had 413 pieces. It is amazing, isn’t it? To sleep on each, the king would have to spend 1 year, 1 month and 18 days. Yes, here is such an interesting life with kings …;

The very word “bed” comes from Greece, and comes from the word “wedge”. By the way, the ancient Greeks called a clinic a room where many beds were placed;

The Chinese have a bed – has its own deity. And the existence of which can be believed, because the facts on the face – the birth rate in this country is ahead of the world;

The love bed of Josephine and Napoleon had an unusual decoration – the heads of the Sphinxes, which were considered symbols of a great empire;

The bed of Peter I, despite the fact that he is described as a very tall person, was no more than 170 cm long. This is due to the fact that in those days it was customary to sleep sitting;

In French literature you can find a whole book devoted to beds, its title is “Le Lit”;

A bed is not only for relaxation, it can also be a great simulator. No matter how funny it may sound, but it is a fact. In 1932, Dr. Stauffer invented a special simulator couch. Its functionality was as simple as twice two, the person was only required to lie down, but it was very inconvenient, therefore, in order to maintain a comfortable posture, it was necessary to include various muscles in the work. “Staufer’s couch”, namely such a simulator was called, is still used in medicine for the treatment of osteochondrosis;

Mark Twain did consider the bed to be one of the most dangerous places on Earth, because a lot of people die on it …;

To date, the world knows about the existence of about ten different types of this furniture;

The most unusual, the price of which was about one hundred thousand francs, was recognized as a courtesan bed by a native of France named La Paiva. Its area was incredible 10 square meters !;

The largest bed was recognized, which was made in the Netherlands in the early 90’s. It was 5.79 m long and 3.81 m wide;

China can be recognized as a country where this furniture is loved like nowhere else in the world, otherwise how to explain the fact that a heated bed was invented here;

In most tales, this furniture element, or its “analogue”, was necessarily an integral attribute of the hero. For example, Ilya Muromets or Emelya …;

More recently, in the UK they made a bed in the form of a carriage, the diameter of which was 6 feet. The manual work of the masters took six months, its cost is 47 thousand “forever green”;

On our open spaces they used to sleep on stoves, on benches or in clothes, the usual form for us gained popularity only in the 19th century. On very high beds, which were impossible to climb without a ladder, they slept in Europe, and on mats laid on the floor in Japan;

Surely everyone familiar from the movie bed with a canopy and a canopy. It looks very pretty. But they served not only for beauty, but also for warming, since in those days it was pretty cool in the palaces;

French kings in the 16-17th centuries received their visitors right in the bedroom, lying in bed. The bed was a place for important negotiations;

Metal, forged beds are considered creative by the designer, who created them as opposed to wooden. But this is not entirely true, they are the descendants of the iron beds on which soldiers serving in the army slept;

And finally, not a fact, but an interesting story. One day, a friend of mine came to visit Mark Twain and said that he was afraid to sleep, because he constantly seemed to think that someone was living under his bed. On reflection, Twain gave an exhaustive answer that would solve all fears in one fell swoop, he said: “Stop being afraid, and just simply drank the legs off the bed”. Probably, the creators of the now popular bed without legs were guided by the same.

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