Table selection for the kitchen. Interior Designer Tips
Choosing a table for the kitchen is not as an unambiguous task as it seems initially. Its functions may vary depending on whether there is a dining room in the…

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Table selection for the kitchen. Interior Designer Tips
Choosing a table for the kitchen is not as an unambiguous task as it seems initially. Its functions may vary depending on whether there is a dining room in the…

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Care of the wardrobe.

Any furniture, so that it serves for a long time and does not lose its appearance, requires care and careful use. And the closet is no exception. This furniture has long fallen in love with millions, and has won its place in homes and apartments around the world. Such cabinets are spacious, versatile, practical and reliable. But in order for the furniture to be just as useful in the house and not to break down, you need to know some tips on caring for your wardrobe.

The main advice that can be attributed to absolutely everything is, of course, a careful attitude and timely prevention. Also, even before buying, you need to think about where the furniture will be installed, whether direct sunlight will fall on it, and guided by this, choose the right furniture material.


Sharp closing and opening of sliding doors should not be allowed;

To carry out cleaning and prevention of driving mechanisms;

When cleaning furniture from dust and dirt, use special products and only soft tissues (microfiber is the most suitable material).

Permissible temperatures for sliding wardrobes.

It has long been known to all that excessive humidity can lead to furniture deformation, so you need to protect it. The acceptable norm of humidity is considered to be 55-75%, that is, if you want to install a sliding wardrobe in the bathroom, then you should choose moisture-resistant materials.

But excessive dryness will also not benefit, because it can cause cracks, especially on natural wood surfaces.

As for the temperature, for this furniture it is considered to be from +5 degrees to 45. That is, the temperature will be acceptable is optimal for a person.

To care for the furniture surface, the use of abrasive products is not allowed, because they can lead to scratches, the panels will lose their appearance.

If you use additional heaters for heating the house, then you should not place them near the sliding wardrobe, because the outgoing heating can damage the panels.

It is also worth taking a reasonable approach to the issue of loading the internal shelves, you should not overload them too much, as this can lead to breakdowns or subsidence.

Care of the guide profile of the sliding wardrobe.

The guide profile is the basis of this furniture, therefore, its proper operation is simply necessary, and in order for it to work “implicitly”, it should be “courted”.

The main enemy of this mechanism is dust, so you should vacuum it regularly, and also wipe the wheels from dust. Dust may cause creaking and cracking of the mechanism during use.

Particular attention when cleaning from dust should be paid to the lower profile, because it is attached to the floor, and it collects the most dust, it requires more careful care.

The wheels must be regularly lubricated with special tools to ensure smooth and soundless opening and closing of doors.

Care of a surface of sliding wardrobes.

All stains and dirt must be removed using a special tool with a sponge and then wiped dry with a soft cloth. To protect against dust, beeswax-based products are recommended, it will withstand dust settling and give the surface a shine.
Most sliding door wardrobes are equipped with mirrors. To care for mirrors, it is not recommended to use ordinary detergents for washing glasses. For mirrors, it is better to use ammonia or special products for the care of mirror surfaces.

Proper and timely care of the furniture will significantly extend its service life, increase the comfort of use, and also help to preserve its appearance for a long time.

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