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Cult Item: Stool 60 Stool

We all know that furniture can be different, some large and bulky, and some small and compact, but each has its own useful purpose. There is furniture that has a very complex structure and wide functionality, but does not gain popularity among consumers, and there is such furniture, the simplicity of which can cause just a smirk, but it becomes mega-popular, turns into a real cult and over the years remains on “ crest of a wave. ”

It’s about such iconic furniture that we’ll talk about. At the center of our “investigation” is simple, and at first glance completely intricate furniture – a simple stool. But if you “dig” deeper, it becomes clear that it is far from simple.

Immortal legend – Stool number 60.

We are talking about the already legendary stool number 60, which was invented in Finland in the first half of the twentieth century.

In this article, we will review several facts about this invention.

The author of this simple but iconic piece of furniture is the architect and designer Alvar Aalto from Finland. He is also considered to be the founder of modern design in the furniture world;

The design of the stool was specially designed for the library in the city of Vyborg in 1933. By the way, the library itself was designed entirely by the author of the legendary stool No. 60. By the way, the library itself at that time was already considered an example of modern architectural art;

The materials that were used to make the stool are also quite interesting. This piece of furniture was the first in the world to be made from steam-curved plywood. For plywood, they took only the wood that was in the forestry of Finland. Due to the large amount of minerals contained in the soil, the wood was white;

The stool consists of 13 components: 1 seat, 3 legs, which were fastened with 9 screws (three for each leg). The simplicity of the design led to the mass production of this type of furniture;

If you have several such stools, then they are very simple and convenient to fold. It is enough to put them on top of each other, with such folding, the legs of the stool form a spiral, similar to a DNA spiral;

L-shaped stool leg patented by Alvar Aalto himself. According to legend, the designer came up with such a leg while looking at his skis;

The mass production of stools since 1935 and until now, is engaged in Artek factory, which was founded by the author of this furniture element. The stool is sold in a very small box;

Stool No. 60 was taken as a basis by many designers around the world, and building on it, they created and created their furniture masterpieces. In 2013, when the stool turned 80 years old, he found new, bright and catchy colors for himself.

Beauty is in simplicity.

Here is a seemingly simple furniture element that was invented by Fin Alvar Aalto back in 1933, and probably even the author himself did not imagine that his creation would become so popular, or even cult, all over the world and for a long time.

To this day, the no less legendary Artek factory sells countless such stools. They are purchased both at home and in public institutions: libraries, kindergartens, schools and universities, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Stool No. 60 – is an indispensable element for design installations and projects.

It is acquired by many, regardless of social status and financial situation. This is a simple, but very practical and reliable furniture element that will certainly become useful everywhere and everyone.

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