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The smartest table

The most modern “smart” technologies penetrate more and more into all “branches” of human life, and now they have penetrated into furniture. This is what we will talk about in this article. Under our sights there will be a completely innovative development – a “smart table” that “can” do much more than its more “classic” counterparts.

It has been said more than once that the computer has become an integral part of the life of a person who spends more and more time in a sitting position, someone is forced to do his job, and someone “voluntarily”, preferring to spend his leisure time in this way . It is difficult to deal with this, and probably not worth it, because the forces will obviously be unequal.

Therefore, creative developers took a different path, and set about developing a table that could change position during work. After all, everyone knows that sitting in one position is harmful to health, sometimes you need to change positions or even stand up.

TableAir is a table with intelligence.
In such developments, it was precisely the modern digital technologies that helped to create the so-called “smart table”. We will talk about him in this section called “Interesting articles”.

The British design studio has released a table that can adjust in height and change position; its name is completely identical to the name of the studio itself – TableAir. The development of this table has become a kind of response to the search for furniture that will relieve fatigue during work.

The tabletop of this furniture can take the height that you want, while you do not need to perform any complex manipulations or mechanical actions. Management takes place with just one smart button. By pressing it, you simply raise your palm to the desired height, and the countertop itself will “pull up” to the desired level.

Such functionality will be very convenient for both an ordinary person and people with disabilities. You do not need to set any parameters or perform mechanical actions, TableAir will understand everything perfectly, if you just show it to him.
To return the countertop to its previous position, just hold the smart button. In addition to the fact that the table can change the height and position, the owner of this engineering miracle can change the color of the countertop.

Additional features of TableAir.

You can choose a color shade either using the button or using a special application for smartphones. This application will also serve as a notification that it is time for you to change your position or stand. A very useful and “caring” application. As the famous hero of the cartoon “Three from Prostokvashino” would say to everyone: “What technology has reached …”

But the advantages of the TableAir table do not end there, it is also equipped with sockets and USB-connectors, so that the owner can charge their devices without leaving the table a meter;

This table is equipped with a very durable MDF worktop that can withstand weight up to 100 kg. So do not think that this miracle of modern furniture engineering will be fragile and unreliable.

In addition to its impressive innovative features, TableAir also has a very stylish look. Those wishing to purchase this creation, the design studio offers several colors of the top to choose from: the color of walnut or cherry wood, as well as the glossy, lacquered surface in black or white.

Here is an interesting invention that pleased us with a British design studio. Surely many will begin to dream of such a table, and we really hope that such an innovation will appear on furniture shelves in the near future and in our open spaces.
Why you should buy computer desks from us you can read in the next article.

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