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Kitchen to order – the subtleties of choosing a performer

We try not to make sections on the site such as “kitchens for ambitious people” or “kitchens only for wealthy customers”. In our opinion, such headlines look cheap, although it is possible that they help someone. We just make good furniture and take the money it costs for it. For us, dividing people into classes is unacceptable. We do not earn on countertops and accessories, making large kitchens with excellent filling, so we sell them at affordable prices. Working with the customer on the project, we are always ready to help with our advice to determine the choice for him. Our specialists will need from half an hour to two hours to measure the premises and discuss with the client everything to the smallest detail. As a result, you will see a detailed drawing, where you can see the plan for laying the tiles on the work surface, places for installing sockets, etc. Perhaps the only thing we do not do is not to connect gas, water and complex electricity. Regarding these issues, we are well aware that it is better for everyone to do their own thing. And now in more detail.

Each person can theoretically assemble the kitchen of which he dreams, spending a certain time on it, even if he had never previously held a jigsaw in his hand. The only question is whether this furniture will really look like your dream and how long it will take to make it.

Steps to Save Your Time
The first step – before the project is approved, KITCHEN DOES NOTHING TO DO ANYTHING !!! Believe me, this will save you a lot of money. Of course, if you have time, you can make sex, which in the future will help to avoid mistakes. Do not carry water pipes, sockets, gas meters, ventilation ducts and sewers on your own. All these issues should be discussed when measuring the room. Otherwise, a beautiful project, which is built in the cabin, will not fit your previously made repairs.

The second step is to measure with a simple tape measure the maximum number of sizes in the area where your future kitchen will stand. You should not rely on the plan of the apartment in your calculations, as practice shows that non-compliance with measurements in this case can reach up to 30 cm. The most financially and qualitatively correct decision would be to go to the manufacturer of kitchen furniture, which are not so many in Poltava or Kremenchug (if you do not take into account the “garage” and “guys with a jigsaw”).

How to choose a manufacturer and not make a mistake? Ask a question: can I see your production? Unfortunately, many downcast eyes will begin to look for the reasons for the refusal and give vague answers. This is a reason to beware. Another reason to continue the search for a manufacturer will be, for example, an overpayment for the “non-standard” cabinet size. Fair manufacturers will not have to overpay for this. You should not try to find out the cost of your project from the manufacturer immediately after they draw it on the computer in the cabin. A technologist will need at least an hour to carefully calculate a project from scratch, and only then can he give it to work, being sure that the price has been verified correctly. The habit of offhand determining the price immediately indicates that they want to “accustom” you to an overvalued price. It probably already included a percentage of the error, so that the manufacturer did not get into the negative. In some cases, in order to attract a client, on the contrary, they underestimate the price. As a result, this can result in unpleasant surprises for the customer.

The third step is to pay attention to product quality. In the finished form, the kitchen (wardrobe, living room, bedroom, hallway, etc.) should not only look in accordance with the approved project, it should easily close and open all the doors. The gaps between the facades of structures should be perfectly even. No abrasions, damage, etc. are allowed.

Practice proves that all the flaws, as a rule, are hidden inside the cabinet. Even a perfectly executed beautiful facade made in a good company can store a lot of “interesting” inside. The kitchen is a place of high humidity and for it to last a long time, you need to check how well the edge is selected and glued inside the shelves and at the ends. The edge should in no case be paper (this is the Stone Age). In the manufacture of our furniture, we use only the ABS edge, which has the best technical, aesthetic, and, very importantly, environmental qualities.

How not to make furniture or why you should choose a reliable manufacturer
Below are examples of what you should pay attention to when installing and ordering furniture.

The cabinet where the dryer is located must have good ventilation, eliminating the accumulation of moisture inside:

Cabinet with dryer

It is at least impolite to bring furniture marked with a marker to the customer. After all, they simply might not end up in the toilet closet of the solvent:

Furniture with traces of markers

In this case, you can do without comments at all. Nobody will like plugs that are not selected in color or lack thereof, peeled off edge, etc.

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Kitchen to order - the subtleties of choosing a performer
We try not to make sections on the site such as “kitchens for ambitious people” or “kitchens only for wealthy customers”. In our opinion, such headlines look cheap, although it…


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